2009-12-30 41 -73

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2009-12-30 41 -73 highway.jpg

Wed 30 Dec 2009 in 41,-73:
41.1689328, -73.1974537

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[edit] Location

On the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood in Bridgeport, CT, right next to the highway.

[edit] Participants

Sara and her daughter and son.

[edit] Plans

My plan was to go to the Children's Garbage Museum in Stratford, CT today and to geohash somewhere on the way. At hash-o-clock, I was surprised to learn that the hashpoint was only a few km from the museum.

[edit] Expedition

The children behaved excellently in the car - they used coloring books and played travel bingo. We found the hashpoint easily, took some pictures and went on to the Children's Garbage Museum, then drove home, stopping at a restaurant.

[edit] Photos

And then we went to the Children's Garbage Museum in Stratford, CT, right near the hashpoint. I found it fascinating, but I would not have had the guts to go there without kids. Thus, I discovered one of the main advantages of bringing children when you geohash.