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Tue 29 Dec 2009 in Atlanta:
33.9058649, -84.2950466

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Inside a CVS Pharmacy in Chamblee Georgia.



I used to work a couple of blocks from this pharmacy, and had visited quite a few times, that summer when I had the terrible rash. This spot truly brought back some memories... itches just thinking about it!

Both Google and Bing maps placed the hash in the NE corner of the building, which just happed to be the Men's Room area. I looked for a note from NWoodruff, but no luck. After browsing the after Christmas sales, I headed south.


This Geohash spot is only 0.4 of a mile out of my way on my drive home. I didn't need my GPS or even a map to find this one. I've even been to this store before about 12 years ago when I dated a girl that lived in this area.

I turned on my eTrex as I was turning on to Peachtree Industrial and set it up on my dash. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed that it was at 56 feet to go. I pulled into the closest parking space and noticed that it was 21 feet to go and inside the 10 meter requirement.

I then got out and tried to get even closer. I knew that the actual spot was going to be inside the building from the Google map. 10 feet to go. Not close enough for me.

I walked into CVS sporting my eTrex walking down the isle looking for the Geohash spot. The eTrex fluctuated wildly as I walked in, in between 30 and 50 feet to go. It did keep pointing towards the back of the store in the Pharmacy. I talked with the Pharmacist about Geohashing and what I was attempting to do. She said that there was no way that I could back to where the drugs were stored but She would take a picture of me to the closest point.

As I was standing there waiting for her to take my picture, I noticed that the eTrex then said 50 feet to go. Being inside I think had something to do with it. I smiled and she took my picture. I thanked her and walked out of the building. I made it back to my truck and noticed that from my truck it was only now 10 feet to go instead of 21 feet to go.

I then walk over to the side walk and find the Geohash spot with 1.25 feet to go. Close enough for me. Did someone move the Geohash spot for me? Divine intervention? Did Google decide to shift the earth by 10 feet. Was I holding my mouth just right. Or was my eTrex confused because several satellites dropped out when I walked inside? I'll leave it up to the reader to decide but I'm taking the 1.25 feet to go.

I have also noticed that the days are now getting longer as in last week this time that it would already be dark at this time. Yea! for longer days.

I then got in my truck and made my way back to Norcross.