2009-12-23 -37 145

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Wed 23 Dec 2009 in -37,145:
-37.6898260, 145.1131892

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East Melbourne graticulate, public reserve, close to the intersection of the Greensborough Highway and Diamond Creek Road


Pre-Christmas Geohash[edit]

I've been waiting for a while to see some hashes turn up relatively close to the city in the Melbourne East graticulate. There don't seem to be very many around the suburbs of Melbourne - despite suburbia sprawling quite a way. So it was with some excitement that I realised that the hash for the 23rd December was easily within driving distance.

Weather forecasts indicated a 36-degree-celsius day so I set out relatively early, 9.30am, and followed the GPS and instinct from my home in Blackburn up through the north-eastern suburbs to the corner of the Greensborough Highway and Diamond Creek Road. This part of Melbourne is unusually hilly and covered with stands of native trees, giving an almost country-like feel to it. I crossed over the intersection of the two roads, and parked in the leisure centre carpark, having spotted easy access to the hash point via a pedestrian footbridge over the highway.

The footbridge turned into a footpath running parallel to the highway that would take me right up to the hash point. From the aerial photo, it looked like it would be straightforward enough to find the exact point of the hash. However, when I arrived at the approximate location it transpired there was a six-foot chainlink fence obstructing access, and trespass warning signs around. My GPS told me that I was within 10 metres of the hash point, so I posted a greeting from the internet on the fence, got a photo of the dog posing in front of it, then was on my way to Westerfield Park to take the dog for a lengthy walk.

Very glad we went out early in the day, as it turned out to be a scorcher! There's a lesson in there somewhere.