2009-12-19 34 -106

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Sat 19 Dec 2009 in 34,-106:
34.8432908, -106.7701670

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Open range about a mile behind the Walmart in Los Lunas.



Today wasn't going to be a hashing day, either. I did a cursory check of the hashes, but with a Christmas party in the morning and wanting to get a run in later today, I didn't see it happening. I ended up running almost 8 miles while pushing the boys in the stroller, but after I was home and showered I kept thinking about heading out for a hash. I kept looking at the local one up in the Jemez Mountains, but I wasn't sure what the snow would be like up there and it was on a steep slope. I finally came back to the hash to the south and remembered that it had looked somewhat feasible. So what if it's almost 3:30...howzabout I grab the boy and go for it!


The drive down was entirely uneventful, although I knew that any fun to be had would be in the last mile or so to the hash. Sure enough, when I got to what looked like the access road to the hash (out of an industrial park), I found a chain link fence to greet me. I drove down the road a little way and weighed my options, only to decide that I might have a chance with the dirt road I pulled off on to check my maps. I bumped out that road, drove around on a road (read: dirt track) that looked like it had been graded just yesterday, and found myself at a locked gate. Still a mile or more from the hash, with at least two more fences to go, the sun had just dipped behind the mountain, and, oh yeah, the boy was asleep in the back seat. Things weren't looking good. I resigned myself to not making this one and turned to head for home. On the drive out, I noticed that I'd missed a gap in the fence with another road leading in the direction I wanted to go, so I figured I'd try it. I followed it out, then drove as far as I could get in the direction of the hash and found that I was only a half mile away at this point--with just one barbed wire fence to cross. The boy was awake, so I lifted him and the backpack over the fence, ducked under myself, and we were off. I could see the traffic passing on I-25 a mile or two to my east. The terrain was flat and very easy, so we covered the distance in no time at all. The big disappointment was finding that my digital camera had decided not to work again, so I was stuck taking pics with my iPhone. It turned out to be barely adequate, but ah well. We made our way back to the car and got on our way just as it was getting fully dark. Mission accomplished.


Track located here.