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Wed 16 Dec 2009 in 50,12:
50.9047030, 12.1838178

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I haven't been geohashing for over a month now and thought, that time had come for a new expedition! I had nothing special to do and Manu came home later that evening, so I had some spare time for the geohash in 50 12 graticule, which was partly on my way from Jena to Leipzig (with a detour of 26 km). It was snowing several times that day and temperature was at about -3°C/27°F, so getting to the hashpoint which was about 200 m on a field path and 80 m into the field shouldn't be too muddy.

I parked the car in Korbußen, which is the first village after taking A4 exit Gera-Leumnitz. There I got into my bike clothes (wasn't sure, whether road conditions would allow me to cycle, when I started from work), took my road bike out of the car and went on the short trip to the hashpoint. Minor roads within small towns were still snow-covered, which was a bit tricky to ride on with 23 mm wide tires without profile, but I managed not to fall. Unfortunately, the autotimer photos didn't get so well. I cycled a circle around the hash field on the surrounding roads and then decided, which way to go on the field path leading close to the hashpoint. Of course, I had to push my bike through snow-covered grass on that path and left the bike alone for the last 80 m into the field. After taking a photo with the little Foxi, I got back to the bike and continued the short ride in order to defrost my hands. (I took off my gloves for taking the photo.) So I went on from Großenstein to Ronneburg, where I gave the Neue Landschaft Ronneburg a short visit and rode back to Korbußen on different roads, finishing the nice and cold evening bike trip after 26 km.