2009-12-16 -37 145

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Wed 16 Dec 2009 in -37,145:
-37.9047030, 145.1838178

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Steve, east Melbourne, EPIC ADVENTURE[edit]

I work at Monash, and the point was only a kilometre or two east of there: [1].

So, I epicly got in my car, and drove an epic long way to get there. I didn't have a street directory with me, or a GPS, which made it even more epic. Instead, I had to use ninja skills to memorize both the location of the point, and how to get there. Intense, epic concentration required. I stealthparked nearby and epicly trespassed onto someone's front lawn. I decided that the most epic thing to do was run up under the tree, giggle like a girl, and run off like a dirty old man who had just flashed someone. Which I didn't, although that would have been even more epic.

Then I drove home. There were pictures, but who wants to see picture's of someone's house? That's not epic.