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West of -30°: .7754401, .3353893
East of -30°: .9047030, .1838178
Globalhash: 72.846538941112, -113.82557642849 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia Stevage I work at Monash, and the point was only a kilometre or two east of there: ...
Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff Near the Fernbank Science Center in Druid Hills. It is in a Condo Complex a...
Seattle, Washington Thomcat Off Meridian ave near the King County line.
Bamberg, Germany Danatar on a tree/bush-covered slope next to the road between Wipfeld and Eisenheim...
Brighton, United Kingdom davidc Just off the A23 nearing Brighton.
Eastbourne, United Kingdom davidc Edge of a field in Chiddingly, Sussex.
Chemnitz, Germany Reinhard I haven't been geohashing for over a month now and thought, that time had c...

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