2009-12-15 33 -84

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Tue 15 Dec 2009 in Atlanta:
33.7097810, -84.6405124

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On the outskirts of Douglasville Georgia, 300 feet into the woods.



I drove up to this Geohash after following Google directions straight through Six Flag amusement park. I'm glad that the park is closed this time of year. I need to be more wary of Google direction.

I pulled up along the side of the road with 450 feet to go. Once I crossed the street from where I parked and walked to the edge of where the trees were, it was a little more than 300 feet into the woods.

I now carry my trusty flashlight where ever I go now. It had been raining for the last several days so not only were the trees damp, the ground was soaked.

I carefully made my way into the forest and found the hash spot. I stopped with 2.42 feet to go. Close enough. I tried taking a few more pictures again since it was in the middle of nowhere and have figured out a few more settings on the camera.

I got a few better pictures of the trees in the dark.

I then made my way back out almost the same way I went in as I was following the tracks on my eTrex. It only took me about 10 minutes to walk in and back out the 300 feet.

I then got back in my truck and drove home to Norcross.


NWoodruff earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 5 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-12-11.