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Sun 13 Dec 2009 in 48,11:
48.0292111, 11.3095068

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Only 5 km from the S-Bahn station Starnberg Nord, in a forest. thepiguy will be in München. dawidi is affirmative about joining. zb seriously considers coming along had plans to come but now apologizes for staying home. He needs his bike next week, and it broke yesterday. It needs fixing today.

Expedition: dawidi with thepiguy and srs0[edit]

Pi and Srs0 had come to Munich for a walking tour in the morning, and we met at the central station at 13:30. After Zb didn't show up, we took the S6 to Starnberg Nord and started walking. I had picked an alternative route for the way there which lead us to a geocache near a hospital, from where we would have had a really nice view of the alps had the weather been better. Then we continued into the forest on a rather nice, quiet narrow road. After crossing the Hanfeld village and heading towards the hash forest on a field track, Pi accidentally (that is, after only a few attempts at breaking the ice covering it...) put his foot into a muddy puddle and had to spend the rest of the day in a dirty and alternatingly wet and cold shoe.

Still, we managed to get to the coordinates - a rather average place in the forest, as expected. At least the snow made it look nice.

We only took a few pictures (in which Pi managed to blink every time, except for one shot that turned out blurry), then headed back, since sunset wasn't too far away. Just to see something different, we used the "obvious" route along the main road for the way back.

As we would have to eat dinner eventually, and Starnberg might be slightly cheaper than central Munich, we got on an S-Bahn to go one station further, and located a pizzeria just across the street from the station; the food there was not spectacular, but it was food, and that's what counted after a 10km walk in the cold. After I had finally finished eating too, we spent a couple of minutes next to the lake in the dark, then got onto the S6 back to Munich. I didn't make it to the "obvious" train connection to Regensburg via Landshut, but discovered that I could reroute via Ingolstadt together with Srs0 and Pi (who were heading home to Würzburg), so we spent another hour sitting on the floor in a bike compartment (the rest of the train was crowded already) until we finally had to split up.

It was nice meeting you here in Europe for a few times, guys. Have a safe flight back and say hi to that other hashing-crazy place on the forty-ninth parallel :-)

Ok, so zb didn't just say he fixed his bike as a stupid excuse to stay home. He actually did fix it. Here are the parts of a hub gear that's part of a Sachs 3x7, along with a picture that shows the broken part in detail.

In the strict sense of the definition, this wasn't a Train wreck, because the geohash was done by train and by foot, but I really had to get at least one of my bikes back to service on this particular day.

Sorry again for not coming along!