2009-12-12 35 -83

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We visited the Forge!

Sat 12 Dec 2009 in Knoxville, TN:
35.7996024, -83.5624839

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The coordinates for this day were in the woods off Jake Thomas Blvd.

Distance Travled: 89.8 mi

Participants (6)[edit]



This was by far our farthest expedition yet, almost doubling the Lenoir City Expédition. The weather was kind of melancholy, but besides that tidbit, the hash was a wonderful success!

Without further ado, the Ekspeditë:

  • We all met at Brett's casa around 15:30 EST. From there, we took Mr. Snowball all die way to the Forge. I was hoping for a minimal amount of traffic, for the Forge is locally known to have "87 bazillion" visitors. Besides the construction work being done to the road, it actually wasn't too bad! (Let me tell you a little something about something little. I absolutely look forward to honking at people that blow at driving. My chance surfaced itself on the way to the hash. Some dildo-head decided to turn left at a NO LEFT TURN turn. My eyes widened, and I blew the n out of the horn. My fellow horn-receiver in front of me began to yell at his review mirror. And I thought to myself, what did his mirror ever do to him? Anywho!) The Sexy-British-Garmin-Lady led us as close as she could to our destination, so we parked (in the biggest fucking parking lot ever!) and walked toward the hash. This hash was not so easily reached. We had to walk through pretty thick woods and hop over a wired fence. Persistently, we made it. Took some purdy pictures. We didn't stay as long as I would have liked which led me to think that I should start bringing board games (maybe Twister!), but the Sun was also approaching the horizon. Being in the dark woods in unfamiliar territory can be worrisome. As we walked back to the car, we stopped and threw rocks into a (accidentally) man-made body of water. Nothing wrong with acting like a little boy (or a primitive man). The drive back was intense. Everyone fell asleep. I was tired as is, but I couldn't since, well, because I was driving. So I played a little billboard game to keep me awake. What you do is find all the letters of the alphabet in order from A-Z using any sign. That kept my mind amovin'. When we returned, we had Stephono's pizza. A delicious ending to a successful hash.


The Colliers!
Chells Bells!
Brett in mid throw.
The sequestered pond that endured many rocks being thrown at it.
Alex is getting ready to pitch.
Cool view of clouds engulfing a mountain.
Snowball is so lonely.
Searching for the hash.