2009-12-06 50 10

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Sun 6 Dec 2009 in 50,10:
50.5292116, 10.8216196

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This geohash was located in walking distance of my parents' house, and though the weather was not too nice, I was determined to go for it, walking the shortest total distance to a hash and back ever.

Expedition: Juja[edit]

Ok, if I wait for a free evening to write the report, you will not have it before christmas, so I start now... precious time!

Manu and Reinhard were kind enough to tell me that a nice Sunday walk was awaiting me home, else I wouldn't have looked for this weekend's coordinates. But like this, I printed the satellite picture, and even better, got my Edgie for the trip to my parents'.

My dad predicted that I would need about three quarters of an hour walking to the point, assuming that I don't get lost on the way. I actually had a bike route in my head but the weather was not too good for biking (rain, fog, cold), the bike was already hidden in the basement for winter and I was pretty sure I would get lost on the footpath after a while, so I asked my dad to come with me, which he did. Like that, we really found the point in the predicted time (we even found the precise point at which I would have got lost if I had been alone), near the mountain hut named "Kühlsruh" near my home village. The point was at about 25m distance of the way, but that 25m went steep uphill through lots of wet leaves and wet thicket, so I decided to better stay on the way and be contented with that hash not reached.

We walked another way back home, slightly longer, but still this was my shortest travel to a geohash and back: 5.6km! Hmm. I wonder where that human need for superlatives originates from... ;)