2009-12-06 45 -122

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Sun 6 Dec 2009 in 45,-122:
45.5292116, -122.8216196

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[edit] Location

Beaverton, Oregon. The Sunset High School baseball field.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

We all believe that it should be open to the public, and there shouldn't be any problems with activity on the field on a freezing cold Sunday....

Jim's thinking of heading there for the meetup time, which he thinks we've shifted to 2PM for the winter.

Michael5000 is going to build this into a holiday shopping run, and will attempt the site (pretty confidently, this time) between 9:30 and 10:30. I'll try to leave some evidence for later arrivals!

I'll leave so that I get there about 2. --aperfectring 19:24, 6 December 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] michael5000's Expedition

In between some other errands, I pulled into the Sunset High School baseball field's parking lot sometime around ten o'clock. I got out of the truck, went through a gate, and walked over to the hash point. I stuck a small flag at the approximate site. I thought briefly about the year I spent student teaching at Sunset. I shrugged, went back to the truck, and continued my errands!

[edit] Aperfectring's Expedition

I looked at the location on Friday, and saw that it was a perfect location to attempt a bike ride. Knowing that I am very much not in shape, and having looked at the weather (1C/34F high for the day), I decided to look at a hybrid train/bike hash. I rode the Blue line down to Sunset Transit Center, and biked from there down Barnes to Cornell, then to Sunset High School. I pulled my bike through the gate, and up to the first base side dugout, when I called Jiml to see if he was nearby. I noticed the flag out in the infield, but didn't think of it being a marker initially. I thought it was probably just a fertilizer flag left in. As I closed in on the coords, I correctly identified it as a potential hash marker left by a previous geohasher, presumably Michael5000, since he was the only one who had expressed interest. I took a few pictures and got on a warm hat while I waited for Jim to arrive.

On the way back, I realized just how easy I had it on the way towards the hashpoint. I was headed mostly downhill with a heavy tailwind on the way, that means that on the way back, I was headed uphill with a heavy headwind. Looking it up after I got home, I find that the winds are 20mph (32km/hr) sustained. Given that it was pretty much 1C/34F at the time, that makes the wind chill (what it feels like with the wind) -4.5C/24F. Given these two things, I don't feel so bad about not being able to bike back up those hills on the way back. Total biked distance ~7km, walked ~1km. Since I didn't travel the whole way by bike/foot, I won't take those two ribbons, but I will take the public transit one.

[edit] Jim's Expedition

I set out from home, but didn't bother to print out anything. I had been in that area a number of times before. I got there and found the aforementioned gate and once I wandered on the field, I saw APR. We exchanged greetings and photos and picked up the marker left by Michael5000, not wishing to upset the baseball team.

And we headed off in our own directions.

[edit] Photos

I don't know why the photos are so pink. I tried to adjust them, but wasn't completely successful.

Not so pink photos