2009-11-29 48 8

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Sun 29 Nov 2009 in 48,8:
48.5976188, 8.8810403

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In a residential area at Herrenberg, private property.



The only reason why I did that probably was that there haven't been any good coordinates for many weeks, to if I wanted to go anywhere at all, I had to stick to the bad ones.

Took a beaten path via Bebenhausen and through the narrow valleys of the Schönbuch forest. It's always nice there, but never very spectacular, and there aren't many reasonably routes - basically it's usually starting at Bebenhausen and choosing a creek to follow wherever the valley splits up. Since I hadn't planned to go off a standard route at any place, it didn't matter that I had forgotten to bring any kind of map. That's what I believed, until I stood in front of that deviation sign below. I couldn't judge from that place where the deviation would send me, how the other track would lead me to my destination. However, it usually means a lot of going uphill if you once go off the main routes through the valley so that's something you won't do if not necessary.

While I still was trying to remember whether there was a reasonable alternative way or not, someone came walking along the closed track. I asked for the reason of closure. He told me there was bridgework, but it would be no problem to pass with a bike. So, whatever - just continue the usual way, then. A few hundred metres further, I found the bridge that was supposed to be missing being in good shape, the only obstacle being the closure signs themselves.

Continued up, passed the rigde shortly before Herrenberg, entered town and found the hashpoint in a residential area. It was inside of a private lot. Got as close as 9 m, but didn't want to do anything suspicious at that place, since there were neighbours watching. So the GPS photo was taken from the other side, where noone watched. The gate was open, but it would still be invading, so I just took a photo and left.

Since it was a rather dull winter day, and I wanted to get home before it got dark, I didn't even aim at going into town this time. See 2009-06-10_48_8 for a small gallery of Herrenberg town impressions. Also, I chose the route through the Ammer valley for the trip back. Daylight simply stays bright enough considerably longer in a wide open valley than a narrow forest valley.

P.S.: Calling that "coordinates reached" or invading the lot is - in my opinion - both a no-go although some "I'm more successful than you" type of person here in the wiki would certainly be proud of doing both.