2009-11-29 45 -122

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Sun 29 Nov 2009 in 45,-122:
45.5976188, -122.8810403

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Ag Land in or near North Plains, Oregon

A little north of Hwy 26.


  • Jim is thinking strongly about it


No very solid plans yet, but it is located "nearby", so how could I pass it up.

I printed out the Google maps page, loaded animals into the car, and set out.


I headed out into an agricultural section of the area. I actually skirted around Hillsboro on the way there, crossing over Hwy 26 and then taking "back country" roads. I attempted to cut through too early to get to the hashpoint, but had to backtrack.

As I got close, I found the driveway that I think leads to the correct farm, but it had both a "Private property" and a "No Trespassing" sign next to it, so I decided bothering them and asking for permission was probably not going to fly. Without the signs, I might have thought about asking, but not with them.

I headed to the vet with my car full of animals for some measuring and scanning.

Jim earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (45, -122) geohash on 2009-11-29.


I forgot my camera, so I managed to a photo with my Cell phone, but I suspect it won't look very good.