2009-11-28 35 -84

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Sat 28 Nov 2009 in Cleveland, TN:
35.8241903, -84.3159675

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Imagine this but at night and chasing you.

Brett and I were chased out by a horse!


The coordinates for this day were near a stream running by a field off Phillips Rd.

Distance Traveled: 39 mi

Participants (5)[edit]

  • Rebecca Cole
  • Brett Coleman
  • Bo Daugherty
  • Jordan Kilbey
  • Nate Starkey



My first hash was the day before, and since I had so much fun, I thought I would give it another go. Maybe get my self a Midnight Geohash, you know. Well, after asking a few local hashers to join, we meet at Nate's house before we headed off toward the hash.

Thus, the Expédition:

  • We all headed toward Lenoir City around 23:00 ET. We used a Garmin just so we could hear the pretty British lady's voice. When we arrived at our destination (took about 15 minutes), we noticed that there was a horse standing almost exactly where we needed to be. Since we were trying to obtain the Midnight Geohash and it was only 23:30, Brett and I decided to waste some time and go make sure the hash was doable. We slipped through a gate and walked to the corner were the horse was (let me remind you that it was very dark). On approaching the beast, Brett flashed his light at an object near the black horse. It was another horse lying on the ground. Brett and I started to worry. I turned to Brett and said, "Don't worry. If the horse charges, lie on the ground. They don't trample people." What I didn't tell him was I learned that from the movie Gandhi. He asked me if I were sure, and I placed my hand on him with a smile on my face saying, "Trust me."

Boy, he shouldn't have trusted me...

Once at the corner, I realized I needed to walk up the bordering creek a little bit to get to the hash. I had Brett stay behind, proving later to be convenient. I walked over to the hash and made it, but as I was turning around to tell Brett I had found the hashing point, I saw the black horse chase Brett to the fence. OMG! The horse was protecting the other horse! The other horse is a mare! Why hadn't I thought about this before!!! After the horse was through with Brett (Brett made it over in time), he galloped quickly over to me. As I watched him run toward me, I thought "I can't outrun this horse. I am going to die." The dark stead came within a car's length. I lowered my hand, saying I mean no harm in a placid voice, hoping horses are tonal. The beast looked at me but stayed that car's length away. I made enough distance between us and began to walk up the field in the opposite direction of my car. Eventually I made it back to the car. After Brett and I explained our stories, we thought about the hash. I hadn't been able to snap a picture of the GPS proving I had made it. But as proof, we decided that a witness account can be accepted, thus making the geohash a success. Sadly, only I made it.

  • While in the car debating if we should reconsider the Midnight Geohash, a car came upon us from the front and shined its brights. I rolled the window down and waved at them; meanwhile, I told Nate to pull out the Diplomatic Passport. Our cars were now side by side, and they, too, rolled their window down. They asked if everything was alright, and I answered yes. I explained to them what geohashing is, and they surely thought I was a loony. After everything was said and done, they drove off, as did we. We'll get the Midnight Achievement some other time.
  • But since we didn't want to leave on such a bad note, we went to WallyWorld! We didn't do damn thing, but that is was Walmart is all about -- doing absolutely nothing. I'd say this whole hash was a wonderful experience in all.


It is we!
Look at Brett's silly face-ie.
It is a dark and lonely road that we cross.
The best pictured coordinates I could get.
When in doubt, WallyWorld!
We found some comfy chairs.
Some would say uber comfy.


Bo earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-11-27.

Brett gets the Balls Achievement for coming along.