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2009-11-25 33 -84

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Wed 25 Nov 2009 in Atlanta:
33.7578183, -84.1379309

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In the back yard of a house in Redan Georgia.

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I showed up a little after 6:15pm. I knock on the door and a woman answers. She was talking on the phone and says to the person she is talking to "hold on a second". She then says to me "Can I help you?". I said that I was looking for a Geohash spot that was probably in her back yard. I asked if she would mind if I went into her back yard to look for it. She said "No, Go ahead and closed the door." I walked around the side of the house and found the spot. I took a few pictures of my eTrex. I tried to take a few pictures of the area with my flash but none of them turned out.

I then walked back to my truck and left for Norcross.

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