2009-11-20 34 -105

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Fri 20 Nov 2009 in 34,-105:
34.7907215, -105.5722264

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On some flat, open ranch land about a mile off US 285 around fifteen miles south of Cline's Corners.



Today was a day for running errands, but I wanted to get in at least a little geohashing. Most of the local hashes didn't look all that promising, but I saw that there was a *chance* we could get to the Vaughn hash since it was far enough north and close to major highway. After looking at the maps, I was fairly sure it was on private land, which meant access was going to be a bit of crap shoot, but I figured the worst that would happen would be a couple of hours joyriding to the east.


The boy and I loaded into the SUV and ran a couple of our errands around town before we even got to heading east. Thankfully, the boy fell asleep before we even left Albuquerque, which meant that he got a good solid hour of a nap before we got to the hash. I was a little concerned after turning off of I-40 and going south of US-285. All of the gated ranch roads that I saw had prominent signs saying things like "No Hunting", "No Trespassing", and, even more pointedly, "NO TRESPASSING FOR ANY REASON". I was all but convinced this was going to be a No Trespassing Fail by the time I reached the particular road that led west to our hash. Wouldn't you know it--there *was* a gate on the road we needed, but no sign to be seen. I sat in the driver seat and debated whether to do it or not for a good 5 min before deciding that since I'd driven all this way, the least I could do was go for it. I was still a little self conscious jumping the gate in full view of a four lane highway, but oh well. I woke the boy, hoisted him over the gate, hopped it myself, and we were on our way. The dirt road got us about half of the mile we had to walk to the hash, and the other half was over easy, open country. The hash itself was sufficiently nondescript--not even a cholla or prickly pear to make it interesting. We got our requisite pics, then covered the ground back to the car. Didn't see another soul during the entire operation, apart from the traffic barreling by at 80 mph on the highway. Mission accomplished.


The GPS track can be found here.



Redaragorn earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (34, -105) graticule, here, on 2009-11-20.