2009-11-18 35 -78

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Wed 18 Nov 2009 in 35,-78:
35.2173464, -78.0606749

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In a field between a subdivision and a utility company in Mt. Olive, North Carolina.


  • Robyn


Robyn was continuing her drive from Havelock, NC to Raleigh-Duram International Airport, and turned south off highway 70 at Goldsboro with four goals: buy gas, pee, eat lunch and go to the geohash. She first went to the geohash, which was only about a twenty metre dash across a mowed field. No marker was left, as paper would be litter and natural object like sticks or stones could harm someone operating a mower.

Then Robyn bought gas. She did not see anywhere she liked for lunch, and history does not record whether or not she peed. She did not miss her flight. A perfect record.