2009-11-15 52 7

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Sun 15 Nov 2009 in Rheine:
52.7217732, 7.4373941

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Another driving session for my wife, and thus: another expedition in the Rheine graticule. The ~25 km from Lingen to a small forest in Loherfeld was uneventful. Parking near a farmhouse at the forest, we walked the remaining 150m through the trees. It was a rainy day, but the ground was covered by fir needles, so it was quite comfortable. We didn't stay for long, just made a few photos and left a note on a tree. While eating something back in the car, a guy walked from the farmhouse and checked the whole street - he probably got suspicious, but didn't dare to just ask us. Well, maybe he'll find the note and figure it out. Hi there, if you read this!