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2009-11-15 43 -79

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Sun 15 Nov 2009 in 43,-79:
43.7217732, -79.4373941

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[edit] Location

Today's point was located in the middle of Roberta Dr. in the neighbourhood of Lawrence Manor.

[edit] Participants

Splitdipless and his Very Understanding Girlfriend.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Splitdipless and his Very Understanding Girlfriend

We took on this hash on the way back from London, ON. We didn't have any time to visit any hashes in that graticule, as the points where too far away from our primary purpose.

I was able to remember that the point was on a particular street from research on the day before, so we drove to Roberta Dr., and fired up the GPS device (I've yet to give it a nice name).

Fun fact: it can take 3 lights to make a left turn from Wilson Ave. to Bathurst St. on a Sunday afternoon.

When we got our position and entered the information on the GPS, we where within 300 m. We drove around Roberta Dr. until we were past the point. I parked 'em' and then we stepped out on the street to see where the point was. Turns out, it was on the street, right where we passed through. That means the Very Understanding Girlfriend won a speed racer!

We took a couple snaps after the hunt for the exact point, then got back in 'Em' and continued on our way home.

[edit] Photos