2009-11-12 42 -84

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Thu 12 Nov 2009 in Lansing:
42.7722307, -84.6259198

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The day's coordinates were in a parking lot in northwest Lansing.


excellentdude: Things at school had been keeping me busy, and I hadn't been geohashing in over a month. This happened to be one of the lighter days I'd had in awhile. So when I saw how accessible and nearby the coordinates were I had to go check them out. They appeared to be in a parking lot just a short distance off a pretty major road through northwest Lansing.

When I drove there, I found that was the case. I was a little worried if there'd be parking available or if I'd be in the way in the middle of the day, but there was no one there. The parking lot was adjacent to a smaller building that appeared to have been abandoned in an industrial area. There was no one there and no other cars in the parking lot. I had to do a little dance for my GPS in the parking lot, but getting to the hash was relatively easy. I looked inside a window/door to see if I could tell what the building had been, but there wasn't much there. There was a "For Sale" sign out front in the midst of some overgrown grass. So it appears that whatever this building was it hadn't been for awhile. There's all too many buildings like that around here of late in Michigan. With the hash reached, I got in my car, drove home, and prepared for a meeting.

Incidentally, unbeknownst to me at the time, I progressed toward my reverse regional geohashing achievement for my home graticule with this success. I needed to reach a point in Clinton County, but I thought this point was still south of there. As I was writing this up and playing with Google Earth, though, I discovered this was just over the line into Clinton County!


excellentdude earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -84) geohash on 2009-11-12.