2009-11-12 33 -84

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Thu 12 Nov 2009 in Atlanta:
33.7722307, -84.6259198

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In the back area of an apartment complex in Lithia Springs Georgia




As determined eariler in the day, this property is 100% fenced in. The Bing birds eye view shows the entire property with a black iron fence the total circumference. Bummer. I then looked them up in whitepages.com and gave the property a call. I told them that I was interested in leasing and wanted to view the property. I told them that I would probably be able to make it about 6:30pm.

I was told that the office was closed at 6pm that if I couldn't make it by that time that I should try to schedule for a weekend visit. From a prior girlfriend that was a property manager they require that they hold on to your drivers license if you walk the property with an agent so to protect the agent and prevent muggins. So, I gave her my real name but made up some fake reasons and income levels.

At the end of work, I left out for Lithia Springs. I probably broke a few speed limit laws getting there but I was sure that they were going to leave right at 6pm. I make it to the parking lot with 5 minutes to spare. I knew from my ex-girlfriend that they would want to gather enough information about me to do a background check and I really didn't want to do that just to Geohash.

I get out of my truck there in the parking lot and take a picture of my eTrex. 0.14 of a mile to go. I turn around and look at the entrance gate. I was trying to gauge the time that I would have if I pulled in behind someone and drove through the gate when they did. I did seem possible but the iron gates do close pretty quick and I really didn't want to risk damage to my truck if the gates closed on it.

I turned around to walk back to the leasing office and lo and behold the gate to walk onto the property was open. Why bother with a made up story to drive on by golf cart when I could just walk in. I walked the remaining tenth of a mile or so to the hash spot. It is a great open space between two building that is secluded that if I was renting an apartment, one of these buildings is where I would like to be.

I took a few pictures of the eTrex and then a couple of the buildings. It was getting dark quickly and the camera that I have doesn't work all that well with the flash, so I left.

I walked back to my truck the same way went in. It is a nice complex but I am very glad that I am a home owner.

I then drove home to Norcross.



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