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2009-11-09 60 24

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Mon 9 Nov 2009 in 60,24:
60.2645986, 24.7287152

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[edit] Location

In Koskelo, Espoo. Just outside of Ring 3.

[edit] Participants

Only one geohasher team turned up.

[edit] Expedition

Today's hash point was about 7 km from our home as crow flies and it fell near the junction of two roads. The point was very easily reached. We parked our car nearby (no "Public transport achievements" today...) and jumped over the ditch. It was about 6 pm and already dark. The weather was a bit foggy too, so the pictures below aren't very good.

From the hashpoint we continued to starting point of mystery geocache nearby.

This was our first time geohashing. We wouldn't know about this game unless Mikkozzz introduced it to us.

[edit] Photos