2009-11-06 52 13

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Fri 6 Nov 2009 in 52,13:
52.2048465, 13.2842255

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  • In a field near Christinendorf, south of Berlin.



Jerrome and Lena are leaving from Berlin Südkreuz at 1215 with RE38311 and leave the train in Thyrow (last stop within Berlin ABC area). From there its about 10 km by bike. If anyone wants to join, meet us at the platform in Südkreuz, we will try to be at the front of the train.


  • Jerrome

Everything went pretty much like we had planned it, only for the final 500 meters, where we had to circle the hashpoint to reach it. Close to a wind generator park, ("Yay for green energy" :-) we walked the last few meters across the field. With no hashtree anywhere near, and no prepared marker in the backpack, we used our shoes to stamp XKCD in the dirt, took fotos of it and the windmill, and left for home. Pictures to follow later today or tomorrow.