2009-11-04 -43 172

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Wed 4 Nov 2009 in Christchurch:
-43.3458224, 172.6437100

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Located near Christchurch, New Zealand just south east of Rangiora and south west of Woodend, on the side of a small road that runs along a small unknown creek.


Stuart, John and Peter.



I had been watching for an accessible location in my graticule for a week or so. Location and available time worked in together today.

Having checked out the co-ordinates using the trusty geohash iPhone app, I sent out a call to other XKCD fans in my company [Tait Electronics] to see if anyone else would be keen to join me.

Peter and John stepped up.

We jumped into my car and headed off to the location. As using hand-held GPS units and phones in a car is now banned in New Zealand, John acted as the navigator as we set off towards Cox Road.

Cox road turned out to be a gravel road with a 'No Exit' sign. We followed it, and eventually reached out target co-ordinates.

The location was on a bank beside a small creek/river. We arrived at 12:48pm. It was quite, sunny grassy, and quite a pleasant change from the cubicle at work.