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Tue 3 Nov 2009 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0628710, 12.2304197

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In the forest (or rather, a meadow on a hillside within that forest) south of Wenzenbach.



dawidi with Tomcat and Hans[edit]

dawidi: We met near my office at 18:00, and Tomcat drove us via Wenzenbach to the edge of the forest north of the hashpoint. We got out our LED bike headlights and started walking up the hillside on a wet, sandy track. The (still nearly full) moon lit our way through the open forest, but since there were hard-to-see puddles and the occassional larger stone on the path, using lights seemed appropriate. For a moment we tried switching them off, and all of a sudden a car came at us down the hill and stopped. The driver was rather irritated by the idea that three people were walking into the forest at this hour, and told us the woods would be full of hunters waiting to shoot wild boars tonight. We said we were just going to walk up to the Silberweiher crossing... I don't fully remember the conversation, but ultimately he said "have fun, then" in an angry way, and was off.

Getting to the hashpoint wasn't much of a problem, except for a couple of puddles all across the track and one spot with slippery twigs. After our GPSes reached an agreement about the exact location, we started taking long-exposure pictures and having fun with LEDs... and only stopped when we got cold. Back on the larger forest track, we walked on to a geocache and then to the Silberweiher - a peculiar pond at a confusing crossing of 6 larger unpaved tracks in the middle of the forest. Of course we had to take some more pictures there before we walked back to the car. We didn't encounter any riflemen or wild boars, only a couple of cars racing through the forest on the main track at breakneck speeds...

On the way back, we logged two more geocaches in Wenzenbach.