2009-11-02 50 -120

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Mon 2 Nov 2009 in 50,-120:
50.6724908, -120.3276177

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At a project that I worked on two years ago.


Well I think Rhonda's mom will swing by this one on the way to work this morning, after all it's not even out of the way. After all I spent several months at this location building railings and hanging doors installing baseboard. This after first making knee braces for this project in my shop.


You wouldn't think that there would be too much to this.. Didn't leave enough time to stop by and take pictures before meeting at work today. Oh well after lunch will find the time. Ok so now it's after lunch, but where is the GPS. Look in the office, look in the Jeep, look in the last pack sack I carried. Look in all the places again. Phone Rhonda's dad to see if he knew where it went. No luck. Remembered the last time I used it was with Rhonda. That didn't help. Ok look in all the places again. Time to go, will just drive there and take pictures, after all the point is on the third peak from sixth avenue on the south row. Picked up material for job a few blocks away from hash point, swung by, took some pictures, and now continue up sixth avenue and back to work.



Some things just seem to be hiding in plain sight. Or maybe just a few papers get piled on them. When Rhonda's dad came home from work he went into the office, found the GPS, and held it under my nose. Oh well you have to see the condition of the office to understand.