2009-11-02 43 -79

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Mon 2 Nov 2009 in 43,-79:
43.6724908, -79.3276177

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Today's location was in a front yard of a house on Redwood Ave. in Toronto in a little enclave of Toronto that oddly doesn't fall in a neighbourhood. It's surrounded by Leslieville to the South and West, Upper Beach to the East, and the Danforth to the North.



I couldn't get out of work fast enough. Seriously. I've got my coat on, my bag packed, and there's a guy outside my cubicle complaining about his cable service.

When I finally did hit the road, I got off the main highway and took Kingston Rd. into the Beach. I found the right Street quickly, and was able to park within 100 m, but stepping out onto the Street, it was dark and it was raining.

Google maps on Satellite suggested the point was somewhere close to the house, and from the sidewalk it looked like the point would be on the porch. The lights where on, but I didn't think that anyone would come out this time. However, there was a running car with a driver sitting in it just across the road, and when I took a step towards the house, the neighbour's motion sensor light came on.

I didn't have to go on the porch, but I did have to walk up to the steps. Problem is, in the rain, the close proximity to the house and the tall trees lining the street, from my GPS it looked like the direction arrow was spinning while I stood there. When I pushed down on the shutter, and it went to 4m in 4m to 5m in 4m. Close enough.

I snapped my grinning head, a shot down the street, turned off my gadgets, tugged at my black coat and headed home.

Good news, three hashes in a row. Woo hoo!