2009-11-01 49 10

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Sun 1 Nov 2009 in 49,10:
49.8439523, 10.0992964

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Today's location is near a hedge at the edge of a plowed field, near Gut Seligenstadt (Seligenstadt manor), belonging to Prosselsheim.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Würzburg rural district




After work (yes, I know it's Sunday) Danatar was already driving towards the hashpoint when at 15:45 he finally succeeded in contacting thepiguy. thepiguy announced he would need about one hour fifteen minutes to reach the hashpoint, so Danatar drove really slow (80 km/h = 50 mph) and tried to enjoy the scenery. Nevertheless he was near the hashpoint at quarter past 4. Danatar walked the last 300 metres towards the hashpoint. From the satellite view he knew that a hedge was growing between the track and the hashpoint. There was no spare room between the hedge and the field and Danatar didn't want to get his shoes dirty so he stayed on the track. That way he came within 0.4 seconds (12 metres) of the hashpoint, then the impenetrable hedge stopped him. Danatar continued along the hedge, but from the other end the field also reached up to the hedge. He walked back to the car and waited for thepiguy.

thepiguy arrived at 5 pm and they both walked to the hashpoint. Danatar put bags over his shoes and they walked over the field to the hashpoint, sinking into the loose soil with every step. Moon-visiting astronaut feeling. After reaching the spot they walked back to their modes of transport. Danatar just slipped out of the bags while thepiguy took a while to clean his shoes, then they parted, each one taking a different way home.


... did this one by bike. And should have brought a better light with him.