2009-11-01 48 10

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Sun 1 Nov 2009 in 48,10:
48.8439523, 10.0992964

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Abandoned(?) warehouse in Aalen.



thepiguy set off in the wee hours of the morning with his Baden-Württemberg ticket in hand. A transfer in Stuttgart and a second train later he was at the Aalen bahnhof, and less than 500m from the gohash!

A very short walk later he found the geohash to be located beside a very large warehouse looking building. There was a fence around the property, but a very large and very open gate at the entrance, and not a single sign or person in sight.

thepiguy strolled nonchalantly around the back of the building. While walking around some large shipping containers he discovered a lost football and immediately recalled the Lost Novelty Flying Disc Diversional Tactic and decided to kick it around while searching for the coordinates. "No really officer! I just came to get my ball!"  :D