2009-11-01 43 -79

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Sun 1 Nov 2009 in 43,-79:
43.8439523, -79.0992964

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The point was in someone's lawn in a suburb of Pickering, close to Liverpool and Finch.



I shut down the computer at work and hopped into 'Em' and generally didn't want to go Geohashing. I ended up stopping the car and pulling out my GPS and Camera and I said to myself 'suck it up, and do it.'

I pulled my car up to the side of the road and started looking for the spot. I walked down the sidewalk, and got within a few meters, and within the accuracy. The last few steps to 0 m was on a front lawn. I looked up to the house and noticed the lights were on. Someone was home.

Deciding that 3 m was close enough, I started taking a picture of my GPS when I heard the garage door open from somewhere behind me. I took a picture of down the street and I could feel eyes on me. I turn my head and notice that a man is standing there. I squeek out a 'hello sir,' I take a quick snap of my stupid grin then I got the heck out of there.

In hind-sight, I should have stopped and introduced the man to geohashing, however, all my mind was thinking at the time was 'Flee. Run. Hide.'

Who knows, I could have recruited another hasher, or even met someone that appreciates the look of a Smith Chart as much as I do. Maybe next time.