2009-11-01 -32 151

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Sun 1 Nov 2009 in -32,151:
-32.8439523, 151.0992964

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Pokolbin State Forest, west of Newcastle.



Here I made my first attempt at a geohash or two. I didnt feel like going to Sydney, instead I went north to the Newcastle graticule.

The hash points for Saturday and Sunday were quite close together, either side of a place called Paynes Crossing, about 60km as the crow flies, west of Newcastle, in Yengo National Park and Pokolbin State Forest. I didn't see any crows, but I did see two pelicans being chased by a magpie (he was flapping so hard just to keep up, I nearly ran off the road...).

I've never been out that way before and google maps showed they were very close to the old convict roads, constructed in the 1820s. The closest I could get was (-32.86357, 151.06742) about 5km from Saturday's and 4km from Sunday's coordinates. To go any further meant crossing into what appeared to be private property and then bushwalking for a bit. Not difficult but also not planned for (and against the rules, I think).

There must be plenty of interesting places out there that can be accessed. Next step is get some maps of the bush and wait for another geohash!

P.S. Is there an award for travelling 220km out of your way for milk when you should be at home studying? It was lovely weather though.

Holloway earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-32, 151) geohash on 2009-11-01.


Coming soon (when I figure out the thing with the thing).