2009-10-24 40 -74

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Sat 24 Oct 2009 in 40,-74:
40.8684224, -74.3917489

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40.868422°, -74.391749°... otherwise known as a back parking lot on the campus of Parsippany High School in Parsippany, NJ.

Looks like it's in a parking lot, to me. Outside of school hours, we might even be able to get there.



  • Knitting Duck and her friend plan to attempt the hash around noon. Hopefully since it won't be school hours we'll be able to snap a photo or two without any trouble. Perhaps there will be a celebratory lunch afterward, most likely at a diner/restaurant since it will be very rainy.


Knitting Duck[edit]

Knitting Duck and friend left the house five minutes later than planned and proceeded to head towards the hash in the light rain. While we were approaching Rt. 46, Flashbullzeye called and I picked up. As we were exchanging basic current location info, I took the curve onto the Rt. 46 entrance a bit too quickly. I managed to hydroplane and spin my car just over 90 degrees. It would have been really cool if I'd meant to do it on purpose! Luckily, there was nobody else coming around the curve behind us. I proceeded to hang up and continue on towards the hash. We arrived a few minutes later, meeting Flashbullzeye, who was already there.

As I'd learned from googling the high school's web site, there was setup going on for their Homecoming Dance tonight. There was a gaggle of high school students milling about. They ignored us as we wandered across their parking lot and took a couple of pictures, and were quite friendly when we went over to explain ourselves and ask them to take a picture of us. They seemed bemused. We left them with a copy of our "THE INTERNET WAS HERE" sign.

We then left the hash point, since it was raining, and headed to a nearby bagel shop for a tasty snack. All in all, a successful trip.