2009-10-24 33 -84

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Sat 24 Oct 2009 in Atlanta:
33.8684224, -84.3917489

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On a golf course in North Atlanta.



I was going to attempt a sunrise hash, but I hit "snooze" instead. Spent all afternoon watching football (American), and by the time I got ready to make a second attempt, I realized that it wasn't wise to drive after clearing my fridge of all Sam Adams Octoberfest! I am really p___d at myself for letting this golf hash get away from me.


I had talked with my girlfriend earlier in the day and she asked if she could go along with me today. I picked her up from when she finished work at 3pm and we made our way into north Atlanta. We parked and walked up to the entrance to the golf course. The office was off to the left and the cart path was to the right. We started walking to the right. I looked for members only signs and didn't see any.

The only sign that I did see was a sign that said that the 90 degree rule was in effect today. That means that you have to stay 90 degrees to the person whacking at the golf ball.

As we walked up to the first green we waited for the the people on the tee to finish before we started walking down the cart path. As we started walking down the cart path to the 1st green an older man was driving up to the green to the 18th and stopped next to us and said that we couldn't be walking down the cart path if we were not golfers.

I said that I was here to take a few action shots of my friends and held up my camera. I waved at the guys standing on the fairway at this point and with luck one of them waved back. He drove on. We walked down to the 1st green. The second Tee box was heading in the opposite direction that we wanted to go so we hopped over another fairway to another tee box. We followed that group to the green.

When that group finished on the green, one of the guys came over and said that we couldn't be on golf course without paying greens fees. I gave the same spiel about taking pictures of my friends and I was going to wait at this hole for them to play their way to the green. They teed off and went on their way.

The next group that made there way to the green was a group of three guys and one of them was pushing a golf bag on a golf bag cart. I explained Geohashing to him a bit and told him that I needed to take a few pictures right around the 12th tee box. I think we were on the 8th green at this point, could have been 9th.

I told him that I would be his caddy if they let us follow his group. That was fine with him.

At the green on the 11th a course official drove by and I foolishly waived at him. He continued to drive by. He drove past the bridge and drove around the back of the course and then came back to me as I was standing now at the back of the 11th trying to get as close as I could to the 12th tee.

The official said that if I wasn't golfing that I needed to leave. Soooooo close. At this point I was within the required 10 meters. I said that I wanted to take a few pictures of my friends teeing off and then I would leave. He said "No" that I needed to leave now. I said one more picture and ran over to the side of the white markers of the 12 tee and stopped at 8.21 feet to go. I hurriedly snapped the picture. The course official shouted to me that I needed to leave or the police was going to be called. My girlfriend shouts to me "Come on we need to go."

I hurry back and the official says that we could walk across the 17th to the street. Once I get to the street I look at the picture that I took on my cameras screen and you can't see the eTrex from the glare on its screen. Oh well. I have the track log.

My girlfriend and I walk the very long way around the course and back to the parking lot. We then drive into Atlanta and walk around downtown to Centennial Olympic park. We then stop for dinner at an Italian restaurant for dinner before making our way back to Norcross



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