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Mon 19 Oct 2009 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0690916, 12.1075814

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In a meadow near Zeitlarn, about 7 km north of Regensburg.


This one was very easy to reach, just a 14km "detour" on the way home from work, and required no bush-whacking or mud-wading. I only left the office after sunset (and stopped at a shopping mall on the way looking for a specific soft drink which was out of stock), so effectively most of the ride took place in darkness. Which wasn't much of a problem since I knew the route - a small road-turned-cycleway next to a newer, larger road. Only the last few hundred meters, I cycled through a residential area I hadn't known before and which seemed like a... rather exclusive neighborhood.

A field track led me out of that neighborhood near the hilltop; I parked my bike only a couple of meters away from the coordinates and walked to the hash.

The air was barely over 0°C, and I could see a frosty mist forming down in the Regen valley. But I couldn't make out much detail in the landscape - less than you can see in the pictures, actually - because of the darkness around me and the rather bright lights on the horizon.

At 19:20, I left, coasted back down into the valley and cycled home, where I arrived shortly after 20:00.