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Sun 18 Oct 2009 in Turku:
60.4945374, 22.2894258

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The location was close to an industrial area of Urusvuori in Turku. Although there is some industry in the area, the hashpoint landed on a nice patch of forest conveniently 10 meters from the fence. Successfully reached by Suurnesu and Mikkozzz in two separate expeditions only 15 minutes apart. Also reached by nsk and kukkamaaria about 3 hours after Suurnesu and Mikkozzz.


I wasn't quite sure if the are can be reached because it was so close to some factory / warehouse. I left my car at the end of Telekatu, approximately 250 meters south from the hashpoint. There was a good trail leading to the area. On my way, I noticed some nice surprises! There were two massive erratic boulders on the way (N 60° 29.672 E 22° 17.270 and N 60° 29.626 E 22° 17.235). I took some pictures and continued my journey towards the zero point.

I came to the zero point at 12:30, and it was quite close to the fence but fortunately on the right side. There was a small spruce next to the spot. After taking the official geohashing pictures, I returned to the car. This time I took a path which was close to the industrial area. The path was very nice, it led me through young spruces and the smell of wet forest was very nice and strong.

For me, this was the nicest geohash so far!

-- Suurnesu

My choiche of route who less successful than Suurnesu's. I left my bicycle on Ruopankatu and proceeded through thickets to hashpoint. Only thing worth of notice was a repulsive abandoned house. After having made it to destination I took two photos and left. If I only had used same route as Suurnesu, we would have met on my way back...

-- Mikkozzz

Had to visit here because finally got hash close enough to reach with bikes. Suurnesu had visited here already earlier on the same day, so he gave us the coordinates for a good path. Saw couple of bigger stones on our way, and finally reached the hash location at 15:40. Had a fellow geocacher kukkamaaria with me but can't log a drag-along achievement because missing the photo-proof of her existence at the location. So have to drag her with me also to the next hash... :) We wrote our names to the same "logbook" as Suurnesu and left the place after taking couple of photos. Nice location to visit!

-- nsk