2009-10-18 32 -111

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Sun 18 Oct 2009 in Casa Grande:
32.4945374, -111.2894258

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A cotton farm


  • Wyle
  • Roadrunner


After twisting Wyle's arm, which is SOOOO tough to do ... NOT ... and a little family mishap involving a car, we headed out at sunset to catch today's geohash spot for the Casa Grande graticule. Another farming area close to the back side of Pinal County Airpark. Very dry and dusty and we kicked up quite a cloud on the drive in. With one eye on the lookout for any other dust clouds coming to see what we were up to, we hopped across about 20 rows of cotton to claim victory.

The cotton ball RoadRunner claimed as a trophy is still on the dashboard of my car. If anyone ever gets a bottle of aspirin with no cotton in it, you now know who to blame.

No wine this time, but we caught a movie and a very filling dinner with family afterward. Why do weekends have to end?!