2009-10-17 35 -106

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Sat 17 Oct 2009 in 35,-106:
35.3283133, -106.5769559

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A road on the industrial edge of Rio Rancho



The main goal of the day was to head up to Taos with the family (and...umm...coincidentally catch the Taos hash up there), but when I saw that the local hash was right close on the way out of town I decided to take a quick detour for a Speed Racer hash.


Finding the hash was easy enough since it wasn't even a mile off our normal route to head north anyway. The trickiest part was coordinating how to snap the picture at the right time. Our first time driving over the hash, I was totally past it before I was even ready to snap the picture, so I made my wife flip a U-turn and drive down the street again. It was in a totally auspicious spot next to a diversion channel behind the Home Depot. Mission accomplished, we stopped at Home Depot, then headed for the highway to go north for the day.



Redaragorn earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (35, -106) geohash on 2009-10-17 at 30 mph.