2009-10-14 33 -84

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Wed 14 Oct 2009 in Atlanta:
33.4900610, -84.5606759

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In someones front yard east of Tyrone Georgia

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[edit] LuxMundi

Tyrone is the closest shopping area to my house, so when I saw this hash pop up, I had to at least attempt it. I could have just jumped out, hashed, and left, but I thought this would be a good chance to practice my land owner sales pitch. I ended up meeting a really nice guy who works on jets at ATL. He was mystified as to why would anyone geohash, and why would anyone allow you to do something so crazy. I grabbed a couple of quick pics and said goodbye.

I have the tracklog, but they are too much trouble to post. Hopefully, I can pick up a cheap digicam and start having better proof of hash.

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LuxMundi earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission to access the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-10-14.