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Mon 12 Oct 2009 in -37,144:
-37.7435715, 144.9759053

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The Place[edit]

In the front yard of a house in Coburg.

Who is Going[edit]

  • Felix Dance - but probably sometime during the day.
  • Mitch - going with Felix.
  • myka - will see if he can be bothered heading over in the evening some time.


Felix Dance[edit]

I was moving house that day from Port Melbourne to North Melbourne and had my friend Mitch help me with his van and trailer (Mitch is moving into the room I'm abandoning in Port Melbourne).

After dropping off a whole heap of gear at my folks' place in North Melbourne me jumped in the van, drove it up the Tullamarine Freeway and onto Bell Street (after missing the turnoff and doing a U-ey at Bulla Road). Counting down on the GPS we turned into Gladstone Street and parked the van/trailer across the street from the geohash point.

Walking over to it we noticed that parked outside the target house's nature strip was a company ute from my work - the Westgate Freeway Upgrade. I strongly suspect it to be owned by my co-worker who I know lives around there but I didn't knock on the door (he probably would have been sleeping from his night shift anyway) - although it would have been cool to let him know he had only just missed out on a couch potato award by one house, after first describing the whole concept of geohashing to him which would certainly have unimpressed him.

We found that the hash point was actually just inside the front garden of the house (which had no front fence) so we nonchalantly strolled up to the front door and took some photos which are shown below.

After that Mitch and I jumped back in the van and headed off to Kew to help him move his stuff to Port Melbourne - which would eventually take all of the following day as well.

Time of hash: ~4pm.

Here is the route of our journey.


drove there ~5km each way.

would have been a perfect short bike tron, but to be honest, I was close enough to not bothering at all.


Felix and Mitch[edit]