2009-10-11 51 10

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Sun 11 Oct 2009 in 51,10:
51.0091162, 10.7777181

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Manu and Reinhard refrained from going to the geo hash on Saturday because of continuous rain, so at least they had to visit this relatively near Sunday geohash. After lunch they picked their warm and rainproof bike wear and went out into the stormy autumn weather. They had to fight headwind all the way to the geo hash - it took quiet a while, although there were only 23 kilometres to go. They finally reached the edge of the hash field just as walkers came along. With a sceptical and grim look on their faces they passed by and even turned around several times. So Manu and Reinhard decided not to enter the hash field until the walkers were out of the range of sight. Then Reinhard did his GPS dance to find the exact spot, to which Manu followed him (walking the shortest way, because she did not want to muddy her shoes too much). On their way home they took a longer route, but could enjoy tailwind. To their great joy they came back home without becoming wet.