2009-10-11 36 -79

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Sun 11 Oct 2009 in 36,-79:
36.0091162, -79.7777181

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A simple point, it fell in a railroad right-of-way next to a low-traffic road. Being just a few miles from the house, I had no excuse NOT to go to the point! Thus, I struck out on my trusty steed (my car), navigator in tow (my phone), and prepared to document the expedition (my camera).


Oracle989, everyone else was busy...


This was a piece of cake (no lie!) to be honest. It was in a nice open right-of-way with well-maintained grass, easy road access, simple as could be. I was already on my way up the neighboring highway to shoot some fall scenes, so it was no trouble to swing by and get some shots of my ugly mug at the point. The road was a little busier than I expected, but the point was off in the grass, so no issues there. Thus, I was able to get some snaps and be on my way. Done and done.

NOTE: Lighting on the grin is different because of a different camera (my phone).