2009-10-06 49 10

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Tue 6 Oct 2009 in Bamberg:
49.8836394, 10.0936518

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Today's location is in a field near Oberpleichfeld.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Würzburg rural district



I did this expedition on my way to work. Instead of following the Autobahn A7 I drove through Unterpleichfeld and Oberpleichfeld and stopped the car on the road near the hashpoint. I walked the last 100 metres and then stepped into the muddy field to the spot. There I waited for sunrise, which was at 7:27. After that I went back to the car, spent some time cleaning the mud from my shoes and drove to work where I arrived about 5 minutes late.

The route I took is two kilometres shorter than my usual route to work, but takes about 15 minutes longer.