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2009-10-05 51 12

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Mon 5 Oct 2009 in 51,12:
51.2709765, 12.4509487

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[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

Manu and Reinhard started this expedition from Manu's flat in Leipzig, though it wasn't very probable to get 150 m into a field at night, when it was raining for a while. When they started, there was already drizzle, but 9 km to the hashpoint are too less not to go. They rode their bikes through nightly Leipzig and a bit outside to the south, getting wetter every minute. Arriving near the hashpoint, they saw that something (sugar beet or something similar) still grew on the muddy field and that it would be too deranged to walk there (not better with bike shoes, because it would be nearly impossible to get the muddy shoes back into the pedal). So Manu and Reinhard hurried to get back on the bikes and rode back (with a detour of some kilometers, because Reinhard wanted to record some GPS tracks as usual). One might imagine, how happy they were, when they arrived back home after 27 km with cold and wet feet, legs and hands on that harshly evening and could take a warm relaxing bath.