2009-10-04 36 -80

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Sun 4 Oct 2009 in 36,-80:
36.0306115, -80.0173778

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This point fell at N36°1.8366', W80°1.0426', which just so happens to be in the back yard of someone's house. Thus, I was prepared to use my ambassador skills using that handy letter on the wiki!


Oracle989, flying solo for this one.


I came on this expedition expecting an easy Ambassador achievement in a quickly accessible location. Admittedly, it WAS an easy drive out to the point.

That's when it all came unraveled. Arriving at the point, I took out my primary camera to begin documentation of the expedition. Unfortunately, before leaving the house, I had neglected to check if the battery was charged. It wasn't. I considered using the DSLR I had in the back, but thought it would be far too conspicuous.

Figuring I had come that far already, I decided I might as well get to the point, grab a picture to compare against Google's satellite view and hope it proved sufficient (my phone was my GPS, so I couldn't get a picture of the coordinates on screen).

That's when I encountered the next problem. The owners weren't home, and the back yard was fenced. I considered omitting this detail, hopping the fence, and taking the shots anyways, but their neighbor just so happened to have a well-marked police cruiser in their driveway and was working in their yard.

I didn't like my chances. Eating my losses, I decided I could not gather sufficient evidence of my having been near the point to collect any achievements and returned home. Next week, I suppose...


Is it true that Oracle989 earned the Virgin Graticule?
In principle, yes.
But there was no picture (2009-10-04 36 -80).