2009-10-02 52 -0

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Fri 2 Oct 2009 in 52,-0:
52.5598731, -0.9992145

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[edit] Location

52,-0 graticule. Just off the footpath between Burton Overy and Kibworth.

[edit] Participants

Joe Hardman

[edit] Expedition

Joe set off on a walk geohash at around 11. He headed out from his home in Fleckney, out to the canal at Crane's Lock, crossed the canal, railway, and the A6, and walked to Burton Overy, where he headed back toward Kibworth, stopping off at the hashpoint to take a picture (just a second too late to catch the exact co-ords on screen, but only 0.02arcsecs off) before continuing onward to Kibworth, then heading back to Fleckney, via the electricity substation. This totalled a 17km walk geohash.

[edit] Tracklog

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[edit] Photos