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Tue 29 Sep 2009 in 51,12:
51.3119654, 12.3847330

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Reinhard wanted to visit Manu in Leipzig on that Tuesday and was delighted to see the Tuesday hashpoint being located in Leipzig, just 300 m south of the road he always uses, when driving to Manu. Unfortunately, it looked like it's in a fenced industrial area. Google said, it's property of Leipzig's public services (electricity, water, gas, ...).

Since the detour was so small, Reinhard had to go there all the same, even though there was drizzle and it was getting dark soon. He parked the car in the residential area west of the fenced area and soon recognized, that his investigations were correct. He walked through an allotment site and found no entrance, but an unused gate closed by a padlock. That way he couldn't get closer than 54 m. He walked on to the south side, where he found the main entrance as assumed. It was open, with a closed barrier for incoming cars and there was a gate keeper. He thought about asking her/him, whether he could go in, but in the end didn't have the guts to do so - Ambassador achievement will have to wait. Anyway, he wasn't too worried about being such a coward, because that way he could earlier get to Manu.