2009-09-27 52 13

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Sun 27 Sep 2009 in 52,13:
52.9587011, 13.3435791

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In a field near Zehndenick.




We left Berlin with the motorbike at about 1200 hours, on a bright, sunshiny sunday. After almost gettin stuck in the sand on some backroads TWICE, owed to using a GPS unit originally made for bicycles, we arrived at the hashpoint just before 1400 hours. Since the last 500 meters were getting pretty sandy again, we left the motorbike behind, and walked. GPS showed that day's hashpoint about 30 meters off road (well, trail really :-), in a what seemed to be an unused field. Poorly prepared as always, some supermarket receipt hat to double as hashmarker on whats probably the smallest hashtree EVER *grin*. Once we were done, we headed for the (52, 14) hashpoint, but since it had gotten kinda late, we decided enroute to skip that one, and looked from the shore at the Szczecin hashpoint, located in the Baltic Sea.