2009-09-21 54 -1

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Mon 21 Sep 2009 in 54,-1:
54.2813320, -1.9599025

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A bit of green space in the Yorkshire Dales, all public access land.



Go up hill and down (yorkshire) dale, and all the huffing in between.


After some epic sandwich making and Laser Dragon trying to poison Scruffy Bumblebee with cold medicines, the trusty lasermobile transported us to a small village a few miles from the hash.

As it turned out, the walk may have started off down a nice accessible trail, but it got creepy pretty quickly. First, the Laser Dragon and Gold Ninja decided to use their fancy monocles for unsavoury purposes other than geohashing. Then, we stumbled upon the macabre - a row of dead moles hung on barbed wire. A twisted game?! A dire warning?! Unfortunately not the first row of dead moles we came across. We decided to press on, shaking off the worry of being hunted down like the poor moles.

After scaling the heights of a crag, we invoked the power of the wind to help with our hashing quest, then stopped for morale boosting sticky syrup. Unfortunately the previously invoked wind hadn't been informed of our need for sugary goodness, and proceeded to try and wash scruffy bumblebee's hair and face with the syrup.

Onwards! Hill top view, lovely views, distractable ruins. But stumbled upon yet more death.

We got distracted by ruins hiding secrets that we failed to unearth, except for the previously unknown fact that the little one had never come across nettles in India, and was convinced they are deadly.

After crossing a few fields, we threw ourselves enthusiastically down a precarious cliff boulder-field. After hiding in case any Ringwraiths were on our trail (there had been a whole lot of death), had a short idiotic rush through a hedge or two, and some stunning barbed wire hopping and nettle dodging to the hash point. Hurrah! Pretty good going for the nutgard (TM)-less guys and the nettle phobic Rainbow Mouse.

Took a shortcut back to the laserwagon and had the required picnic and guitar by a river. Made it out of death-nettle valley alive, and with a successful hash as well!