2009-09-20 -37 144

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Sun 20 Sep 2009 in -37,144:
-37.7252738, 144.9625589

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just inside a building, but close enough to the edge to maybe be ok.


  • myka - will give this a go even though it looks private. It's too close not to.
  • Urcher - Convinced some friends to meet me there, arrived at about 4pm


myka drove over.



I was planning to ride over, even though the hash looked like it was in private property.

Not long before i was going to head off, i got a call suggesting that i go to the movies later in the afternoon. therefore, I opted to drive (I could have made it by bike, but without much spare time).

The short trip was fine, untill the end, when I missed the hash road, and had to do a big blocky (circle of the block). Unfortunately, google was somewhat un-helpful when it came to the little streets which actually *dont* cross the train line, even though google might suggest otherwise. Bike paths can apparently be marked as almost raods.

The hash itself was at the back of a company, possibly in a vacant lot. Unfortunately the lot was fenced off. While it wasn't signed as 'no trespassing' there was a big 'Private Property, no dumping boxes' sighn instead. Although there was a convenient gap in the fence which could have been squeezed through (without much in the way of squeeze), I decided to leave it and let this be a no-tresspasing hash.

Instead i tried and failed to install irssi or some other (free) irc client on my iPhone for a bit, then went home and got there just in time to go see District 9. good movie.

myka earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-37, 144) geohash on 2009-09-20.
2009-09-20 -37 144 mdb 0001.jpg


Arranged to meet friends there shortly after 4, wasn't ready to leave the house early enough to use public transport, so drove instead. Arrived slightly late after stopping to feed Doomhammer half way there.

Met Ahhbees, Jeebus and Baraqual near the hashpoint. Hashpoint was behind a chain link fence with a For Lease sign, briefly considered leasing the property to gain access, rejected that idea due to lack of funds/effort/time. Allowed Doomhammer to continue to sleep in the car rather than waking him up to see a fence.

Wasn't much nearby by way of cafes & shops, so drove further down Sydney road for arvo tea.

Tea was abruptly ended by Doomhammer pooing on his clothes, his sling and his mother's clothes, necessitating a speedy departure in search of showers, baths and clean clothes.

Urcher and Bilby earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-37, 144) geohash on 2009-09-20.
2009-09-20 -37 144 group.jpg